This approach is actually not a magic recipe nor is it only for the people with CPN. It is just a wise way to handle the topic of food and nutrition.

General suggestions

There are “foods” You should not consume at all, whether You have CPN or not, period. Among the products the food stores sell there are loads that have nothing to do with nutrition and health.

The shorter the “ingredients list”, the healthier the food usually is.

  • there is no ingredient list on cabbage or quality meat
  • there is a short list of ingredient list on cheese
  • processed food like candies or breakfast cereals have a long list of ingredients with additives that are just detrimental for health

Precision Nutrition

This is where You are on Your own. You may get suggestions and take tests to understand what food suits You, but in the end the body’s reaction to certain food is unique and is the answer whether:

  • it is not for You
  • it is neutral for You
  • it is beneficial for You

Food (and drinks, which are also food) is the main factor that we can use to optimize our health (You are what You eat). So the aim is to eat beneficial or neutral foods and try to avoid foods that do not make You feel energetic or that make Your metabolism sluggish.

There are a lot of ways to approach the nutrition – like diets and protocols – and none of these are bad, as long as You get useful information and experience from these.

Where to start

Start by understanding if some of the major food groups have negative effects on Your body. The main food groups that are common cause of food intolerance or allergies are:

  • cereals and nuts
  • milk products

For one, milk products and cereals are well tolerated and serve as a great powerfood.
For another, consuming milk products is a cause of digestion problems.
For some other, cereals are cause of low energy and even coeliak disease.

Aim for precision nutrition. Avoid processed foods. Switch food groups and certain foods on and off Your diet list for some time (days, weeks), observe how Your body manages with the added or missing food. Note how Your energy levels and mood change, how much more or less You can train and work. See how Your bodyweight changes.

Make necessary changes in nutrition and constantly optimize Your health.